Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yuck, Yuck and Yuck!!!

Could the weather be much yuckier?!!! It is 33 degrees, raining, foggy, and slushy. It is one of those days that you wish you could stay in your pajamas all day, sleep in, read a good book, do a little sewing.

But instead, I got out of bed just after 4:30 AM. Worked out at the gym and headed home to start the day. When I am not a quilter/crafter/sewer/Mom/volunteer, I am a landlord. So today, I don my sloppy painting/cleaning clothes and head out to do some cleaning and painting of a vacant apartment. Couldn't I just stay in my pajamas???!!!

This weekend, our family headed out at the crack of dawn on Saturday (by then the weather had cleared) to a cheerleading competition with our 14 year old competing with her cheer team. They had performed by 12:45 PM and then we waited and waited until almost 6:00 PM before all the results were in. They ended up with a trophy but it seems that no other team was competing at their level. They did great all the same.

Not being a sport fan, I ignored all the Superbowl hype in favor of my sewing room. I finished the coasters for Ibby Bee's coaster swap.

These are the fronts.....

and the backs.... (sorry the color is off but it is the same fabrics).
Then, I made some little bags from pet screen. These go together rather quickly and are handy toiletry/makeup bags. I have made some longer as pencil cases for the kids.

Then, I finally got my inspiration/bulletin board together. I used some foam board padded with batting and then stretched and stapled fabric and then grosgrain ribbon over. Now I have to figure out a way to hang it on the wall.
Even though I would rather be in my pajamas, at my sewing machine, I am off into the yuckiness of today to work!
Try to have a good day! Yuck!