Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow, Sleeping in (?), Squishies, and Soft wool

Well, after two days of slush and rain, it snowed over night. A little messy today so the schools were delayed by two hours. The youngest is still home for another hour! The gym cancelled our 5:30 AM class in anticipation of the 'storm' so I decided to live dangerously and set my alarm for 5:45 AM!!! Sleeping in... what a treat! But I got my morning exercise by shovelling.

Looks pretty though .....

One of my old internet quilting lists used to call packages of fabric "squishies". And I got a couple yesterday!

The first was an order, my first, from Superbuzzy. I love perusing their site and with everyone raving about Japanese craft books and fabric, I just had to get a sampling! So here are my first Japanese fabrics. Love 'em! Won't want to cut into them for awhile!

I love houses in quilts and I am in love with my new book.....
Isn't this cute?????
Can't read Japanese, but the pattern details look pretty good and so I am sure I can figure it out.

Love these pillows!
These houses and trees (another favorite pattern of mine) are great!
After sitting in the cold, dank auditorium for 8 hours last weekend for a cheer competition with only a book and magazine to read, I went out and bought some wool. No more twiddling my thumbs (and fingers) for hours on end! I have had this Ella Rae book for about a year and want to make one of the felted purses.

Isn't this wool lovely???? I had to have some. I would like to try my hand (no pun intended) at fingerless gloves. I think they will look great.
I might try to post some instructions in the next couple of days on how I make those little bags with pet screen. Tomorrow, I am going to an all day workshop 'Power Cutting' with Debbie Caffrey.

Gotta start the day! Have a good one!