Saturday, February 23, 2008

Originally, when I woke up.....

I had visions of staying in my pajamas all day and sewing. It started out well! I woke up and did my computer stuff (I do some typing for hubby at night/weekends) and then I read blogs for a while. Hubby made me a delicious breakfast of poached eggs on toast. Yummy! But by then, my son was bugging me to take him to the store for something he 'needed'. UGH! I had to get dressed!

And as long as we were out, my youngest decided to tag along. We had to buy her some new skate guards as her former pair have walked away from the rink. While we were at the sports store, we spotted this dress on sale!
Perfect for the upcoming exhibition in March.... the theme is Flower Power. Fits nicely. I wish that I could sew these dresses!!!!!

Okay, and while we were out, "could we please go to the mall to look at the Webkinz?" Argh!

I got home for a bit and started some sewing. This will be a gift when done.

After a couple of hours of sewing room time, my son announced that I had a package from Australia! How exciting!!!

The stamps were gorgeous!!!
The wrapping was intriguing!!!! Who could it be from???

It was my package from Ibby Bee Quilts Coaster Swap!!!! And my swap partner was Abby! What a treat! I received this wonderful 'Historic Cobar' linen that I am thinking I will hang on my sewing room wall!!! Looks like a very cool place! I also got some wonderful rick rack, a postcard of the entrance to the Cobar High School (interesting!)

and these lovely coasters!!! I so love the fabrics!!!! Thanks a million, Abby!!!

But that is not all that came in the mail today! There was an envelope with this lovely stamp on it (why don't we have such nice stamps?!).

And it contained my prize pattern from the giveaway Natalie Ross in Stitches hosted recently. I so love this pattern!!! And polka dots, Natalie!!! They are my favorite!! I have a whole shelf full of my coveted polka dotted fabrics (which I am afraid to use) and lots of polka dotted grosgrain ribbon.
Still there was more! The fat quarter that I ordered online from Marj's Quilt Fabric Shop arrived. I needed 5 more 2 inch strips of 13 1/2 inches in length to complete the blocks for Pat Sloan's Cabin Insanity.

She even included a little note pad in the squishie package!

I spent part of the afternoon chauffeuring my older daughter to and from work and to the movie theater at the mall. So I had to stay dressed!!

Hubby wanted some take out Chinese food for dinner. This was my fortune.

Maybe tomorrow, I can stay in my pajamas all day and sew!