Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is my knit bag before I felted it.

This is my knit bag after I felted it. I have some flowers and handles to work on now.

This is the weather yesterday. Sunny, warm (relatively speaking). This is actually taken with my cell phone since I always forget to take my camera in the car. It is taken from a slow moving car (the campus speed limit is sloooow) looking over the track to the mountains beyond.

When we moved here, the first summer, hanging out at the school playground, I saw the sun setting over the nearby mountains and I knew things couldn't get more beautiful than that.

And, while not looking exactly at the mountains (actually, looking down the street while waiting for the school bus), this is today's weather. A sharp contrast, huh?

This is waiting at the bus stop at the corner this morning....

and waiting (a little longer) at the bus stop this afternoon ....

Is winter over yet? It seems to be awful looong! Long enough to keep me going on my next project!