Friday, February 29, 2008

Calgon, take me away... all ready!!!!!

I am thinking if I can't find some Calgon, I might try becoming a bear and hibernating until spring really comes (if ever). We had a record low temperature last night (-18 degrees fahrenheit = -28 degrees celsius). Our kind thermometer (tends to be a few degrees higher than it really is) reported this at about 7:15 AM! I took this photo the other morning after about 8 inches of the white stuff fell on Tuesday night. If that isn't enough, we are expecting another 6-10 inches tonight.
I am leaving!

I have been really flitting from project to project lately, without any real focus. Nothing is getting completed. Frustrating. It isn't like I am not busy. We are preparing for our annual week long Scholastic Book Fair at the elementary school (I am the co-chair). I have been busy with our apartment (my other life is as a landlord of a 6 unit building). But when I have free time to craft, I am not sure where to start.

I have been punching along and am getting there with my first punchneedle project. I have erred a couple of times on the color placement but it still looks pretty good.

Just so I don't have enough projects going, I have wanted to make this shirt for awhile. I cut the pattern out in muslin yesterday so I can practice and then see how it fits before I do the real thing.

I bought this fabric from J Caroline Creative to use for the shirt.
It must be time to try to refocus. Just can't figure out where to start!