Friday, February 15, 2008

A No Sew Day

For those of you who do not experience snow....

Snow is not always white. Sure... as it falls from the sky, it is. But it soon turns dirty from the plows, the sand and salt that is thrown from the trucks to make travel safe. Can't it just melt away???

Mounds of it grow bigger as we get more snow and ice.....It even gets tough to shovel it higher and higher. The mailman complains that he can't reach our mailbox. Every day, we set out in our boots, coats, mitts, and sometimes, hats too. (I just want to put on some flip flops for a change!)

The weight of the ice pulls down the tree branches and limbs and sometimes, they just crack off. I wanna see a flower or two!

I can hardly wait for spring.

A 'no sew' day. But there is always tomorrow!