Saturday, February 16, 2008

Houses amongst the cabins

Today is a Sewin' Saturday! Yeah!

I am a great fan of log cabin blocks so I decided that I would join Pat Sloan's Cabin Insanity weekend. I didn't start with any particular project in mind but as I pulled fabrics from my stash, I realized that these are the colors of my girls' bedroom (their walls are orange, the trim is purple and the ceiling is watermelon pink). So this will be for them.

I am chain piecing 16 blocks so this is what I have so far....
But I couldn't leave my neighborhood alone too long. So amongst making my cabins, I whipped up a couple more wonky houses....
Am I seeing things? I guess there is always one haunted house in the neighborhood. This one looks like a nice one, full of love!
I've gotta sick kid today (figures the first day of winter break!), my youngest. Just a sore throat and slight fever, but illness with her takes a little more vigilance with her type 1 diabetes. Blood sugars tend to rise with illness and naturally, hers did. So we made some adjustments temporarily to her insulin pump and went to sleep with the intention of checking her blood sugar around 1:30 AM. Of course, my body woke me up about a half hour before my alarm did. Checked her and she was doing well. But I COULDN'T FALL BACK TO SLEEP!!!! ARGH! So I perused the blogging world and fell back to sleep around 3:00 AM.
Staying low today. Good reason to hang out in my sewing room!!!