Monday, February 18, 2008

When you hear, "I'm bored"... it must be Winter Break!

In New York State, the schools have this phenomenon not known to many others, "winter break" which occurs in February for one entire week beginning on President's Day. Lord only knows why we have it!!!! They just got back to school just over a month ago! And yes, we still have a spring break in mid-to-late April. No wonder it is summertime by the time school is finished!!!

So, I have the kids helping me clean house today. The weather is unusually warm at the moment, close to 50 degrees farenheit, but set to drop later this afternoon. I am not complaining. My 11 year old son just announced to me, "I'm bored." We still have 6 more days of this!!!!

Well, I am never bored!

Last night, at our monthly friendship group, my friend Janey showed me how to use my needle punch kit. I bought this kit at the Lancaster Quilt Show (going there at the end of March!!!) 2 years ago and had the vendor demonstrate the technique to me which I proceeded to forget.
But now I have it all figured out and I am addicted!!!! Just one more craft for me (didn't I tell you that I had crafter's ADD!).
I have had a lot of compliments on my wonky houses. The pattern is not my own but part of a pattern found in the Australian Quilters Companion, issue #25.
They just keep appearing in my sewing room!

I can't stop making these!Some have gardens....
Some are skinny ...
... and some are loud!

Who says that we are having a housing recession?!!!
Tonight, I am taking my first drawing lesson. I am so excited!!!! I have wanted to have some formal instruction for awhile and finally got up the guts to find a place to try it out. My 14 year old daughter is a great draw-er (is that a real word?). I aspire to be like her!!!
Still have a sick little one at home. Croup like symptoms with sore throat, sore ear, bark-like cough, fever on-and-off, high blood sugars (which we monitor and adjust insulin pump settings), and occasional whining.

have a bored-free day!!!!