Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't worry.... I won't quit my day job!

Last night was my very first (ever!) drawing class!!

Isn't this great!???
Well, I didn't draw it. Nope. My oldest daugther did this last year at the ripe ol' age of 13! So when I get older, I wannna draw like her.

This is hers also.
I think I recently posted her self portrait done in pencil.

So, I arrived at class all excited. Iwalked in to find 4 other female students. Most of them appear to have taken classes by our instructor before. My excitement then turned to nervousness and intimidation.

Our instructor handed us some newsprint and charcoal and asked us to draw one of the items in the still life arranged on the table in front of us. I just stopped. I hadn't EVER drawn anything before (just my little squiggle doodles but those don't count). So.. here was my first attempt at a small jarred candle. ...
The little one was an attempt to correct the shape after some tips from the instructor and so, I tried once again.... and again...
I moved on to the bottle of acrylic paint....

and tried again. On the side is a first attempt at a contour drawing.
and a second attempt at the contour drawing.

Then, we finally graduated to the entire set up in pencil in our sketch books.
I don't plan to quit my day job anytime soon but the instructor said that you just have to keep practicing (she said that we could even draw the dirty dishes in the sink - and I seem to have plenty of those). My oldest says that we can practice drawing together (only she can't look at mine!). I will have another class in early March so I better get cracking.

In other news.....
I must be having a streak of good luck. This morning, Jodie at Ric Rac informed me that she had a little surprise for me on her blog. Woohoo! I won her latest giveaway!!! A beautiful wristlet in gorgeous fabric!!!!

I spent part of this morning at the dentist's office, nervously waiting for my youngest to have 4 baby teeth extracted. She has terrible crowding. She made out quite well and we are home now.
Time for some crafting therapy! I could wash or draw the dirty dishes in the sink....