Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Generally, a lazy day

It has, generally, been a lazy day. The air outside is cold and windy. The ground is icy. Not ideal for outdoor play on this loooong winter break! My little one had a low grade fever again this a.m. UGH. I couldn't really think of anything exciting to blog about today (especially since my winning streak didn't continue and some other well deserving person, "ladydi" won Dorky Homemade's Happy Hula Giveaway) so I thought I would take a day off.

But this afternoon, my 11 year old son (who has not yet received his share of blog time) announced to me that he had something to show me. I had stopped at Joann's earlier today and bought him some Fimo clay to use to ease his boredom. He loves creating small stuff and often can be found with a hunk of Fimo.

His biggest piece .....

ain't it cute??? it isn't very big at all. Nothing like eggs cooked over an open fire. He loves camping!!!

And there isn't a boy that doesn't love a dinosaur!
Unfortunately, Frosty didn't photograph well but this minute sample won't be melting anytime soon.
This guy has a good vantage point atop the pencil.
So there it is! His masterpieces.
I showed this book on an earlier post. I plan to make one of the felted bags from it. I figured that I would start getting it going so when I have my next looong sit at a cheer competition, I will be ready to knit.
That is, if I don't finish it first. Once you get going on an easy knitting project like this (or any project, for that matter!), it is hard to put down!!!!
But hey, it is generally a lazy day and there's nothing like sitting on your butt, working away at some project (even if you finish it ahead of schedule).
Have a lazy day!