Monday, January 4, 2016


Even though I explored other words 
for that word of 2016,
I realized that all those other words
(compassion, present, mindful, create....)
lead to my being happy...

So, Happy it is!!!

As I began a bit of exploration into what it might mean to me to be truly happy,
I found this on the Live Life Happy website

words to embrace, for sure.

The day after the race I ran on December 31st,
I got the results of my run.

Now I did this run as a challenge
and to keep my running,
with no expectations...

but the results of my run
surprised even me...

By the way, when I signed in on race night,
the woman at the table questioned me "53?"
Was I supposed to remember my bib number??
So I blabbered my way through
and then after I realized, 
that was my age!!!!

So there is my age 
front and center!!

out of 1380 runners who finished this race, 
I actually placed in the top half!!!
Out of 726 women running,
in the top half!!!
In my age category (50-59),
I placed in the top quarter!!!

Not bad...
and yet, another reason to just be happy!!!