Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The real crafting wars!

It really is a losing battle!!!! 

 Remember how I cleaned my studio last week?!!! 

Home Sweet Home

Well I began to create again... 

or rather bludgeon...

when it got to be too barbaric in my studio....

I have run out of working surfaces!

 I invaded the family room...

arting on the family room table!
and ambushed the table!

(truth be told.... there is a ceiling fan above the table and I can watch trashy tv shows while I create!)

and when that space was overcome...

I assaulted the kitchen!!! 

moving my arting into the kitchen!

And if I get really desparate,
there are many other surfaces in our house
that may become victim of my next brutal attack!!! 

In the meantime,
i have launched an invasion over at Tangled Textiles
with my latest creation!