Sunday, August 5, 2012

When it's hot and muggy outside....

it's also hot and muggy inside!!!

Yep, here in upstate NY, we are wilting under the heat and humidity of summer 
and we are an air-conditioning-less house (with the exception of small units in our bedrooms).

My studio is unbearable with the lights on so any work that I do, is done early in the day and is currently under a veil of secrecy pending a reveal over at Tangled Textiles on August 15

sneak peek of Tangled Textiles project

and my other project for a fiber art group is still under construction...and deconstruction....


So I have been sitting in our family room, under the ceiling fan,
watching trashy shows on tv or DVD movies
and working on my summer journal...

working in my summer journal
 (it was a really, really hot week to be moving....
down from a third floor studio to the other end of the same block
and up two floors ... above Domino's)

Louise Hay gave me some food for thought....

August affirmation from Louise Hay

 And I found something else to think about in this heat....

watercolor sketch
 (or at least think about it while I sketch and paint)

and when I got tired of journaling, 
I moved on to the couch last night to make some more hexies while we watched an old movie...

making hexies while watching a movie

or at least part of the movie.... 

and it just went Poof!
back to journaling
a hot, muggy, air-conditioningless and tv-less inside!