Sunday, March 25, 2012

And sheeeeee's off!!!!

I am posting again!!!!

Last year at this time, I ran in my first running race... 
5 miles... 45 min 3 seconds
I was pretty pleased with the results!!!

And so... this year, I registered early for the race so I would commit to being there.

(I could think of a million excuses not to go.... like having woken up at 3 AM today!)

Shamrock Shuffle!

After a week of sunshine, I was hoping the forecasted rain would hold off
and it did!!!

And to top it off, 
I ran faster this year!!!

Official time: 43 minutes, 22 seconds!!!

Mr U took a photo of me sprinting to the finish line
Mr. U's photo of me sprinting to the finish
(which somehow has me superimposed on top of myself!)

So, the rest of the day I am celebrating!!!
Gonna play in my studio!!!

Happiness is a clean studio! 

and it's even clean!

Trying to stay organized is a losing battle

.... kinda!

Gotta run!!
Goblin Gallop, 10/29/11
(well, not really, I think I'll walk for the rest of the day!)