Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Slooooow and Steady...

eventually finishes the race, right?!
At least, that is my version!

As I left the house this morning and the sky was lightening up, 
I picked my running route, a long one,
but decided to take my time.

A record run!
This is the longest run (though, not the fastest)
I have ever done in my almost 50 years of life!
(for my metric family and friends 7.65 mi = 12.3 km)

I am gearing up for a 5k run this Saturday (anyone care to join me?).
I had set a personal goal to run a 5k in December in less than 28 minutes
so we will see how I fare on Saturday.

I will probably try to increase my pace a bit or I might not finish.

And this project is moving along pretty slooooowly too!

at little more than a snail's pace
I haven't quite pieced half of the rows, averaging about one row a day...
I run faster than that on a sloooow day!

Actually I am trying to read through a book that will expire today on my kindle-
a download from our library - highly recommend it!- so sewing has taken a back seat for the moment.

And then there are other tasks that I accomplish even slooooower than most...

Um... yeah... I haven't tackled the mess in there!
Cleaning is not my favorite past time!

Me on the floor
but it will eventually get done!
Sloooooow and steady.