Sunday, October 23, 2011

Please sir, may I have some.....more???? (or... anatomy of my studio)

side #1
(figure 1 or side 1, whichever you choose to call it)

French doors now being used as a design wall to hold 
my Crumb Along blocks 
(wish I had more fleece to hang!).
On either side of the doors,
I have built-in shelves housing a variety of knick knacks.

side #2

(figure 2/side 2)
A window which looks out onto a cloudy morning
I embellished the curtains some time ago.
Good thing you can't see the ironing board too clearly
(clearly, it needs to be cleaned off!)
You also can't see the bins housing some of my
art journaling and textile art tools....sigh.

side #3
(figure 3/side 3)

My sewing table looks onto a wall of stuff!

I have an inspiration board (hard to see... there is so much inspiration!),
two holders for spools of thread,
quilties that I received as gifts, in swaps, or I made.

side #4

(figure 4/side 4)

Built-in shelves
filled to the brim with fabric, books, magazines,
notions and assorted stuff.

my sewing/art table

(figure 5/and there are no more sides to the studio!!!)

One long table
holding a Bernina sewing machine, 
more spools of thread,
several portable drawer units filled to the top,
and  a spot on the table housing my latest obsession,
art journaling. 

the floor and cutting table surfaces

(figure 6)

The floor and cutting table.
Need I say more?!!!

And in case you think that I have utilized all the space there is...

sewing row by row

(figure 7)

I have moved into the next room
on the other side of the French doors!!!

It may not be long before Mr. U and I are sleeping
among bottles of paint and quilt blocks!

Me on the floor
I should rethink this whole multitasking thing.