Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Like having teeth pulled!!!

Growing up,
I had THE meanest pediatric dentist around!!!

Unfortunately for me, 
my teeth needed some attention...

Me with No Front Teeth

and that meant teeth extractions by the dentist
13 in total!!!!
And that doesn't include the 4 wisdom teeth I had removed under general anesthesia!

Anyway, I will never forget the time
I whimpered (okay, probably cried out)
when I got a shot of numbing novocaine in my gums
in preparation for teeth pulling.

The guy told me that I would scare the kids in the waiting room
if I kept crying!!!! Really!

30-Lisa Off to School Again
Another time, he told us that I would probably have a couple teeth removed
at my next visit...
and when the procedure was done
he had taken out SIX baby teeth, 3 on each side of my lower gums!!!

So, why do I tell you this?!

Cuz the past 18 hours was one of those awful days that reminded me of 
having my teeth pulled!

Yesterday afternoon,
I went to update my iPhone
and when I was done,
it looked like this....

This cannot be good!!!
Definitely not a good sign. 

 Even worse, 
when I tried to follow some troubleshooting directions,
I inadvertently disabled many (I mean many)
of our computer applications!!!

So, after some attempts last night to resolve the problem,
I was a mess
I figured I would give it some time to fester and
work on this...

pinwheel quilt on the floor

 laying out two hundred and forty-three (243!!!) 5 1/2-inch squares!!!

I don't know which is worse?!!!
It's like having your teeth pulled!!!!!!!!

This is a queen size quilt for Teen with Lots of Stuff
(it's a birthday present for her birthday which happened to be
July 27th- of 2011!!! Yeah, so I am little behind).

I thought she would go for that modern quilt look
or the wonky piecing
but she went for the billion little pieces traditional quilt!

Good thing is...
after speaking to Fuad from Dell Computers for about 1 1/2 hours
followed by a pleasant 2 hour conversation with Andrew in Arizona of Apple
the computer is working
and so is my iPhone!!!

But this is still on my floor....

pinwheel quilt on the floor

Some tortures are physical 
And some are mental, 
But the one that is both 
Is dental. ~Ogden Nash 

Me on the floor
(possibly followed by piecing a billion little pieces of fabric together)