Sunday, July 3, 2011

Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.

my first stop
(This is what it looks like at mile 4.24 
when I seek refuge from the water [aka rain] while running this morning)

my second stop - sitting at the ice cream shop
(This is what it looks like about .25 miles down the road
when I stop again during the next downpour
at an ice cream shop
which oddly enough is not open at 6 AM!)

my second stop from the rain
(Luckily, their napkin dispenser is outside
and I can 'dry' off...just a little)...

my third stop
(until I stop yet again during the next downpour
under a line of trees along the bike path.)

and finally, I make it home
home at last
 (albeit, waterlogged just as the next downpour begins
followed later by lightening and thunder too!)

But there seems to be no end in sight where water is concerned!!!

Even though it is dries up for a bit outside,
I still think about the rain today...

Rain Rain Rain Rain

And then,
there is even more water!!!

After letting my fabrics "cook" overnight,

 today there is plenty of rinsing....

rinsing fabric

and washing to do!!!

some chocolate brown in the wash

And now the rain is back...
wildflower in our front yard

and scattering drops of water

wildflower in our front yard

among the wildflowers

wildflower in our front yard

all this talk of water makes me thirsty!
Me on the floor
 I could use a glass!