Thursday, June 16, 2011

Putting a bug in my ear...

Sugarbaby and I just returned this afternoon
from a trip to my 'homeland'
to do some sight-seeing and hang out with my family.

I took a lot of photos on our visit
and I can't help but notice several themes 
in those 130+ photos taken.


as I sat on a tuffet (and this vegan was NOT eating her curds and whey!)
on my parents' balcony,
I couldn't help but notice this spider...

a spider hanging on the balcony of my parents' condo

While, one morning, this not so itsy-bitsy spider
went up the walls and ceiling of my nephew's room
(which he graciously let me use... the room, not the spider!)
and eventually slipped behind the bookcase- sorry Kev!

spider in my nephew's room

but Louise Jos├ęphine Bourgeois' spider, "Maman"
which stands outside of the National Gallery of Canada 
might be enough to give one a good case of arachnophobia!!!

spider, "Maman" at "National Gallery of Canada"

You might have thought that I had ants in my pants
when I spotted this creature marching one-by-one
along a flower in the garden at the Museum of Civilization...

ant on flower

but as I took a closer look at the garden
there was no way I was taking home this baby bumblebee!!!!

bee in flower

Something is definitely bugging me!!!

Me on the floor
(maybe a quilt?)