Tuesday, October 5, 2010


/ɪgˌzɪləˈreɪʃən/ [ig-zil-uh-rey-shuhn]
exhilarated condition or feeling.
the act of exhilarating.

1615–25; < LL exhilarātiōn- (s. of exhilarātiō ). See exhilarate, -ion 
—Synonyms 1. animation, joyousness, jollity, hilarity.

I tell you,
when those creative juices begin flowing....
my mind starts racing!!!!!

I am fortunate to belong to two quilt guilds
(one 10 minutes away, one 40 minutes away)
and last night,
I had the opportunity to hear Bonnie McCaffrey....

Bonnie McCaffery lecture/trunk show

She talked about where she gets her inspiration...
She has an incredible body of work
but I was most taken with her newer art...

She calls this fantasy fabric...

Bonnie McCaffery lecture/trunk show
(a plain fabric layered with fibers like Tintzl, angelina fibers under tulle)

and the incredible quilting which is filled in with fabric paint...

Bonnie McCaffery lecture/trunk show

Just unbelievable!!!!

Bonnie McCaffery lecture/trunk show

Today, she is leading a workshop on painting faces
which I cannot attend
but we saw some of those quilts...

Bonnie McCaffery lecture/trunk show

and this is fun...

Bonnie McCaffery lecture/trunk show
(quilted in contrasting thread and then colored in with painted dots).

It is fun to see something new! 

My mind is  feverishly working overtime,
thinking of how I can incorporate some of the techniques into my own work!

And if that wasn't enough...

I also borrowed this book from our library...

borrowed from the library..

and treated myself to this publication...

treated myself

It is hard to stop my brain!!!

I played in my sewing/craft room on Sunday and made these post cards...

My Halloween postcards

and have been experimenting with image transfer..

(this is my paternal grandmother as a child)

and tea dyeing too..

tea dyed photo on fabric
(this is my paternal grandfather and his sister).

At home with my sewing utensils!
all this creating makes me dizzy!