Thursday, June 17, 2010


That's the sound of Workbook Wednesday rushing by...


I know, I know!!!!

It's Thursday all ready!!!!
Somehow, this week has been flying by and 
I am not sure that I can create as fast as things are moving these days!!!!

The exercises in this chapter of the book incorporate
the use of papers and found objects.

I did quite a bit of searching (both in my brain and in my house)
before I realized that I had a bunch of stuff from
my days scrapbooking (which I abandoned mostly because....
it is tough enough to find time to sew/quilt let alone scrapbook!)

I decided to continue with my cactus theme
and used green mulberry paper to create a cactus.

cactus out of mulberry paper

For those of you who have never seen mulberry paper,
it is a kind of woven, almost fibrous paper
which easily rips apart when water is applied (I use a small paintbrush).

So I outlined parts of a cactus on the paper with my damp paintbrush,
 pulled the pieces apart
and secured them with machine sewing in black thread.

The paper almost has a spiny appearance when ripped!!

Then I found (!) some metal letters...

some found objects

et voila!!!!

found objects/use of paper

Not sure how I might quilt it
especially with the letters all ready sewn down.

Next week is all about embellishing....

And when I regain my creative (and physical energy),
I have some inspiration from the library...

inspiration for exercises in Workbook Wednesday

 Talking about energy...

do you ever feel exhausted when you finish a project?!

I think maybe I am still recovering from the fast, chaotic pace 
and huge mess with ensuing clean up from my last project!


I did finish the million little pieces project....

close look at the quilt!

(or at least it felt like a million pieces!)...

a not as close look at the quilt!

Truthfully, it was only 900 one-inch squares and many assorted triangles....

further away look at the quilt!

But it was a labor of love...

the quilt is done!

Sugarbaby and her grandfather (my dad) walking arm-in-arm home from the ice cream shop.

At home with my sewing utensils!  Ker-plop!!!
That is the sound of me collapsing with exhaustion!!!