Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Shaking?!!!!

Hey everyone...

what's shaking?!!!

Apparently, my hometown!!!

I just saw a tweet from my flickr friend, Sarah, saying that there was an earthquake there!
There have been others.
When I was still living at home (maaaaany moons ago),

(groovy, man!)

we had an earthquake in the early morning
and I thought my little brother was jumping on his bed!!!!
my little brother!
(I couldn't find one of him jumping in bed so this will  have to do,
apparently he didn't like loud noises LOL!)

we aren't shaking, just sweating slightly as the temperatures and humidity rise

but today is.....

Workbook Wednesday

so enough gabbing all ready!!!

The exercises in the second last chapter of the book focus on embellishing.

 I don't have a large inventory of embellishments
but I do have some beads...

beads for embellishing

Staying with my cactus theme, 
I created a free pieced sun beaming down on a free pieced cactus
(I suppose the Arizona sun is probably scorching the cacti these early summer days)...

embellished cactus in the sun

and I embellished this spiny, prickly cactus with a variety of beads that I had in my stash..


and I found these fun, square beads to create rays of sun...

close up of sun

The fabrics are from my most recent stash of hand dyes.

The last chapter of the book is 'finishing touches' which I will not likely touch on in a blog post.

I have too many other projects I want to try out!!!!

I have these books from the library...
inspiration for exercises in Workbook Wednesday

and this one at home...

my next workbook...

Stay tuned...

SPF #25, 6/18/10: Matching...
In the meantime, I plan to kick off my shoes for a while and enjoy the first few days of summer!