Friday, December 18, 2009

Crisis Mode....

A few days ago, several of my Twitter/online quilting friends on and I started commiserating about how far behind we are on our holiday preparations and how 'stuck' we are feeling in trying to "get a move on it" (as my mother says). Yeah I know... we should have all been working instead of complaining but ... such as life.

 We have been calling ourselves, the 'Holiday Panic Crew."

This year, I seem to be waaaay behind in my holiday preparations.... I think partly because I now have 2 kids at home during the day, so I am busy with them and their various activities, homeschool work, etc. I also seem to be a little "frozen", not able to quite muster up the 'umphf' I need to "get a move on it."

But the time has come, and I am now switching in to CRISIS MODE!!!
Panic has set in and I am feeling a little desparate to get done!!!!!!

Luckily, I have been able to finish some of my projects...

A knitted hat.....(which Nature Boy helped me model though it is NOT for him)...

Nature Boy models knitted hat made for his uncle

A kidlet for a little kid......
Kidlet for the lil' 'phew

And then there are the ongoing projects.......

..... like the hat that has been ripped out and re-started (using a different pattern!)...
ripped out knitting project, restarted

.....and the project that was going full tilt last week, but hit a few glitches (thanks to Kris Poor who helped resolve those glitches!!!) but I have been avoiding it ever since....

project STILL in progress

Crises like these lead to even more messes in my sewing room!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Okay... this room is NOT getting any neater, is it?

But the temperature in this part of upstate NY is absolutely frigid!!!!!

It's cold out there!

And lucky for this crisis, I will be inside this weekend trying to dig myself out of it!!!!!

Yup, that's me! It should probably say, "Wacko Lisa"!

Hope your weekend is panic-less!!!!!