Sunday, December 20, 2009

Phew! Crisis averted.....

Well, I am sure you are glad to hear that I didn't spontaneously combust (are you a Spinal Tap fan?) and I managed to avert a crisis!!!!!

How did I do it, you ask???

Well, you might think I am crazy but those early morning workouts at the gym really help....

Running keeps me sane these days

(I have run 5 miles each day for the past 3 days!!!). I highly recommend exercise!!!! Relieves stress, maintains sanity!!!! And crank the tunes!!!!!

And there is Mr. U... solid as a rock.... he is my mountain!!!!

Mr. U sees the sunrise on Prospect Mtn

Sometimes my family drives me crazy, but they keep me grounded...they help me maintain my routine....

Family Time
(this is an old photo of my camera shy family but, oh my, how they have grown since then!!!)


I managed to finish knitting the hat that troubled me...

knit hat

(got to the post office early and was first in line to ship this out yesterday morning!)

I may even make another!!!!

I think I'll knit another hat!

I got my sewing room cleaned up!!!!!

clean sewing room!

And it is soooooooooo cozy....

Aaahhh... So cozy

I am going to enjoy a day of leisurely project-making and may even take a nap!!!!

Yup, that's me!