Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Charlotte and Me....

Charlotte and I have been doing a lot of hanging out lately....

found a spider spinning a web

from the trees!

spider web doll quilt completed!

If you look close up, she has a lot of loose threads...

found a spider spinning a web

Mine are tucked in all ready but you may be able to see the shape of a butterfly in my threads...

close up of a butterfly I quilted

spider web close up

Check out Charlotte's web from the back! (looks pretty similar to the front, doesn't it?)

found a spider spinning a web

Mine looks a little different from the back though...

back of spider web doll quilt
It was a really long day for Charlotte...

found a spider spinning a web

Mine felt more like a week (or two!!!) but it is done!!!!

spider web doll quilt done!

And headed out soon to its destination.... to my DQS7 partner!!!!!

Charlotte and her web may be hanging out still....

found a spider spinning a web

(she was spinning on the front lawn of my sister's home in my hometown)

...but after a week of traveling to and from (and to and from again!) my homeland, I am home now!!!!

.... and starting to get settled into a routine of early mornings, getting kids off to school starting tomorrow (or the kitchen table in Nature Boy's case), and running the show!!!!

Hope all is well with you! Drop me a line!!!