Monday, August 31, 2009

How we are enjoying the last days of summer since Jean left...or I can't think of an intelligent title!!!

Well, I know you all have been anxiously awaiting word of Mean Jean's work! Well, she worked her 'magic' with a little help from her apprentice (aka Sugarbaby or previously known as Sloppy!) and now she is gone!

the aftermath

At least, until the next housekeeping crisis!

So, the U family is trying to enjoy the last vestiges of summer 'vacation' before our routine returns and what better way than to visit the land of colorful funny money!!!!

funny money!!!

....otherwise referred to as my homeland!

I now carry a US passport to go 'home' (thanks to Homeland Security and the Dept of State!)

Yay! I got it!

and you can too.... for a mere $100!!!!!!

Anyway, it was a gorgeous trip through the Adirondack Mountains and the 'north country' of upstate NY....

What a beautiful ride through north country!

We had a really good time with family (including giving the red/aqua quilt to my 'baby' cousin who is expecting her first baby)....

some sites in Toronto

but I don't miss big city living....

I am glad not to live in the big city

Even though Teenager loved their malls!

So now, I am really busy (feverishly busy!!!) spinning spider web blocks for DQS7 (now I know how Charlotte felt!)...

Still spinning webs!

and trying to enjoy the last traces of summer.....

the last vestiges of summer...