Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh dear! I am going batty!!!

Yup! It's true! and you probably knew it all ready!!!! I am going BATTY!!!!

batty (bat′ē)

adjective battier -·tier, battiest -·ti·est

Slang crazy or eccentric

Here's a riddle for you....... what happens when you get two sleeping parents (it is 10 PM after all!)

evening moon

woken up by 3 screaming kids?!!!! You run out to the family room like you are stark raving mad.....

and find a bat flying around the house!!!!

We have had them before (a couple years back) but somehow, unbeknownst to the U family, a bat slipped into the house and waited until late (remember 10 PM!) Sunday to make its grand appearance!

After some shielding of our bodies (that may be where you would get the idea that we are batty!) with various pieces of cardboard or other household items, we managed to get the bat out of the front door.........

....or we think!

The next morning, when Mr. U and I arose (yes, we get up early!),

see the sunrise on the way to the gym at 5 AMMr. U saw a bat flying around the living room, so we cordoned off the room with a large sheet....

living room quarantined!

and posted a note for the still sleeping U children...

sign posted outside our living room sheet!

Luckily, there are doors on the other side of the living room!!! Because it is my sewing room!!!!

luckily I am on the other side of the doors!

When Nature Boy arose (later that morning!), he did what seemed like a thorough sweep of the living room but to no avail!

Nature Boy performs a bat sweep

No bat sightings.

By the way, I know you are all thinking... what a messy living room (I am always busting on Sugarbaby's messy room)!!! Nature Boy was thinking that too, especially in view of the increased places where a bat might hide!

I have been assembling old, unwanted, grown-out-of clothing, toys, crafting supplies in this room in preparation for the first annual U Family Garage Sale. But it may be delayed for a bit!

Anybody want to buy a used bat????

IMG_0314 (I prefer owls, myself!)

And for all of you who left a comment to win a piece of my hand dyed fabric.....

The winner is...........

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