Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I know you all have been on the edge of your seats... waiting to find out what happened to our uninvited guest of the Chiroptera order.

Well, after a day of walking the halls with my head up to the ceiling, searching for something that just might be hanging around (though, you can imagine, that I was not really hoping to find anything!),......... at about 8:30 PM, Mr. U calmly stated to Nature Boy to get his net. Nature Boy was plugged into the computer and didn't immediately respond


I immediately did!!!!! I closed off the other door leading into my sewing room from the kitchen!

So, Frank, as he has 'affectionately' (ha!) been named, began his whole swooping-around-the-house routine. I peered out of the sewing room and eventually (under cover of a large desk calendar, Sept through December) ventured out to help Nature Boy locate his net (which funnily enough was right behind his chair at the computer!)

Let me tell you..... that Frank---- he was no small dude!!!! He took a second to hang from the crown molding in our family room and his 'hanging' stature was akin to that of a basketball player!! He was ONE.LONG.HAIRY guy! EWWWWWWWW!!!!

So after a couple more swoops around and nowhere to go (the sheet that was trying to keep him inside the living room worked to keep him out!),

living room quarantined!

Mr. U invited him (albeit politely) to leave by the front door.....

...... and he did!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. U and Nature Boy had some follow up discussion regarding how best to handle future uninviteds. It seems that the sheet to cover up the living room was a big deterrant in the end, as the dark living room is where they tend to get lost in their whole swooping thing.

I told Nature Boy, he should just wear a sheet!!!! HA!


looking on the brighter side of things.....

Wishing on a Rainbow

This doll sized quiltie is done!!!

Front and back are both made with my hand dyed fabrics...

back of rainbow quilt

and I used some free motion quilting technique that I learned in a workshop with Carol Taylor last fall.

close up of quilting

This one will hopefully find a new home early this September, as I plan to raffle it off on 'Walk Day'.

Have a good night!!!!
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