Thursday, May 14, 2009

Under Pressure!!!

Well, spring is always a crazy time of year but I find myself in a bit of a bind, crunched for time!

Our guild has a bi-annual quilt show in town and so I had to find some quilts to enter in the show....

Sounds easy, right?!

I mean, this quilt is done (though it needs a label)...
Case Study #1... taking in some sun

and this quilt is done (also needs a label)...
finished quilt for Mr. U

and this quilt...ACK!

What was I thinking?!!!!!! I was hoping the quilt show would be the kick in the you-know-what to getting this quilt done!!!!
putting some wonky houses together

So I have three weeks... yup, count them... 1...2....3.... weeks to get this baby together!!!!!
putting some wonky houses together
Nothing like being under pressure!!!!!! (The panic that has set in reminded me of the song sung by Queen and David Bowie... dates me a bit, I guess... saw Ziggy Stardust at an outdoor concert at SPAC in the late 80s)

Of course, I have not been in my sewing room quite enough lately, instead, I have been making field trips....
collage of trip to the battlefield
(a Homeschooling Nature Boy and I invited Sugarbaby along to visit the Saratoga Battlefield nearby, the place where General Burgoyne and the British were defeated by the Americans in 1777... how neat that it is in our backyard! and it is all new to me since I grew up with history north of the border!!!)

kicking up my feet with the kids....

working on creating the vegetable garden Nature Boy planned out...
veggie garden is coming along

enjoying frozen treats...

yet, still having some of my fastest runs at the gym in the early morning...

and doing a little hand sewing BOM while running around town with the kids...
May block

So if I go missing in action in the next few days or so... I may have exploded!!!