Monday, April 27, 2009


Blessed is not a word that I use very often when speaking but I realized this weekend, that it is a word that I feel....

What a wonderful weekend I had!!!

In this part of Upstate NY, we had some wonderful summer-like weather, so Nature Boy and I biked over to a nearby park on Friday afternoon to check on the flora and fauna..... and we were not disappointed so early in the season!!!
Hovey Pond 4/24/09

I was also fortunate to have time to myself this weekend to sew!

So, I got back to my Dear Jane blocks and started some hand applique...
Block E-10
including my first ever reverse applique (thanks to Sarah and Anina).....
Block C-9
I still have so, so very far to go....
slow progress on my Dear Jane block chart
but that is okay, I have lots of polka dot fabrics left!!!
polka dot fabrics
I made 7 more scrappy log cabin blocks....
up to 86 blocks!
to bring my total to 86 blocks!! Still hoping to make over 100 blocks (not sure when to stop yet) and then piece them with white sashing to fit our bed (we are the only ones in the house without a homemade quilt gracing our bed... why is that?!)

Lastly, I took some time this weekend to reflect on the past 47 years of my life, as I enter my 48th year today....
me 4/26/09
I have many trophies of a good life....
my trophies!
Muscles I have acquired from my frequent early morning workouts, a few gray hairs, a couple of crow's feet, and the remnants of carrying three babies (8lb 4 oz, 8 lb, and 7 lb 15 oz) in my belly.

I now embrace these parts of me and know that life has given me so much!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family and great friends, like you, who are a part of my life!!!! Thank you all!!!!!!

And now for present time.... in honor of my 47th, I am giving away this mini which will be bound in red later today....
a mini that is going to be bound today...
with a close up of the quilting...
close up
Leave me a comment before May 1st, 8 AM EST and this present can be yours!!!!

Have a great week!
my very own bus

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