Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lazy Lisa

Well, it is Sunday, and I decided to be lazy!!!! Lazy Lisa, to be exact!!!

In spite of the fact, that our clocks here in upstate NY (and elsewhere in the US) sprang forward at 2 AM, my internal clock woke me up at 4:30 AM!!!! So, it is not as though I have been sleeping all day!!!!

Or watching the blobs move about the lava lamp...

lava lamp blobs

(Sugarbaby called me in to her bedroom yesterday, and after wading through the stuff in her room... don't' get me her nightstand, I found these wonderful blobs floating about which I thought warranted a series of photos.)

And, I am not exactly sitting around watching the birds...

(Nature Boy took this photo as he watched the birds devour the seeds he put out on his homemade feeder.)

Then again, I am not bounding up and down the nearby mountain twice in one day, like Mr. U!

late winter on Prospect Mountain

(These are photos that he sent to me from his Iphone!)

I did take the day off from the gym, since I have been there 11 days straight, logged over 30 miles on the treadmill, and pumped iron a couple of days too.

But I have to admit that it is 2:05 PM and I am still in my pajamas!!!

I spent part of the morning giving my blog an update.... not sure if it is finished yet...

and I decided to stop my white log cabin project at 25 blocks...

with plans to try something else with white and color once I get this baby sandwiched, quilted and bound. I think I will enter this one in our guild quilt show... there is a log cabin challenge!

And, I am not schooling Nature Boy today either...

Instead, I have cleaned up my sewing area a bit and am doing some applique...

while I listen to the snow melting outside!
Lazy indeed!!!!