Monday, March 16, 2009

Jam packed weekend...

Busy! Busy! Who said the weekend is for resting??!!!

Saturday morning was our local quilt guild meeting with special guests, Mary Hoover and Barbara Persing from 4th and 6th Designs.

It is always fun when designers talk about their process. It gets the creative juices flowing in my head!

These sisters also talked about the work involved in designing across state lines (Mary lives nearby) and Barb lives in PA...
and the process of writing a book together.

Cool stuff!

And of course, as I ran on the treadmill this morning with the music blasting in my ears...

this quilt, named Floreo (below), got me thinking about how I could use some of their techniques in a project I am working on for a foursome group.

But I will wait until my trip (in 17 days... but who's counting?!) with friends, Blogless Deb and Blogless Laura, to the Lancaster Quilt show (a la bus trip) before I can buy some batiks for this in-my-head idea.

This year, I will be bringing my own feminine hygiene supplies so as not to hold up the bus!!!!

Along with guild, Sugarbaby had two (count them... 2!!!) figure skating exhibitions this weekend...
She skated beautifully...

Of course, I didn't just sit and watch! I ran the raffle tables at one exhibition and played the music for the skaters for 1 1/2 hrs at the other exhibition.
I was pooped by the end of the weekend, and I didn't even skate!!!

In spite of the fact that some of my free time during the day has disappeared to make room for homeschooling,
I have managed to catch up on my hand applique blocks from Bunny Hill's free BOM, A Tisket A Tasket.

I don't often do hand work but it is quite relaxing and rewarding (let's just hope I feel the same way in December)!

And finally! Upstate NY is starting to show some signs of spring!!!! Still below freezing at night but hitting the 50's during the day!!!!
And with the melting, the U family always finds the odd item emerging from the depths of the melting snow...
(a scarf in the foreground, a sled in the middle, and who-knows-what beyond the tree!)
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