Wednesday, December 17, 2008


More snow!!!!
Fluffy snow, so easier to shovel (which I did all alone at workout!) but more of it (like about 4+ inches)!!!

and I shoveled the apt building lot (with a little help from a tenant who is supposed to do it alone but who has patience for a guy sitting on the porch, in his pajama bottoms on his cell with a cigarette in his mouth at 8:45 AM!!!!!)

More snowy mountain photos!

More swapping!!! This was a swap with my flickr, log cabin lovin', house makin' friend, Sarah...

a house ornament swap which I can't show in its entirety so she can be surprised!

More gift baskets!!!

and more aprons!!!
For a Nature Boy who likes to bake! Not sure I like sewing on oilcloth though!!!

More to come!!!!!!!