Monday, June 30, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer...

For the past two years, our summer vacation has always begun when we have travelled 9 exits down the interstate to 'kamp' for Sloppy Sister. And this year is no exception. She looks forward to the few days she spends with other kids of all ages who also happen to have type 1 diabetes. It is a full day of games, sports, arts and crafts, catching up with old friends, singing and the other stuff (along with checking blood sugars, counting carbs, ... with everyone else).

On those first few days of summer vacation, we spend part our time at Grandma's house so we don't have to travel all the waaaaay back home, then go all the waaaaaaay back to get Sloppy and all the waaaaaay home again.

Messy Marvin likes to get reacquainted with Grandma's four (or possibly more ... if she has let them in) cats. Usually when we first arrive, the felines all scatter but eventually they come out of hiding to check us out. Clark is Marvin's favorite (I am not a cat person, per se, but do enjoy Clark Kitty).

Marvin loves to play with Clark....
Ole Clark Kitty!!!
and share the occasional quiet moment (they are actually watching two dogs walking up the street).
Well, no point in letting those first few days of summer go to waste!!! I packed up my featherweight, iron, small cutting board, and an easy project,
and while I chat with my MIL, I sew.

I used my freezer paper paper-piecing method to make these scrappy blocks...

to add to these...
Tomorrow, Marvin is hanging out with a friend, so I have the day to myself. What to do?...what to do? read? relax? shop? OOOHHH! the possiblities are endless!!!!!!

Remember the bunny who was helping Marvin cut the grass in the backyard?

Well, it appears he has called in for some back up help...this guy appeared in our backyard this morning at dawn (about 5 AM) ...

and of course, I had to grab my camera! (tough to photograph without being noticed).

We don't often see these guys in our backyard but I have seen them around the neighborhood around dawn during the hot days of summer, munching the green, green grass.

Ah yes, I think summer vacation has finally begun!