Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still playing in my sewing room

Having a fabulous time lately playing with fabric. After finishing 4 of those 4 patch blocks, I decided to try the scrappy log cabins that I have seen on Melly and Me.I am a lover of log cabins of any kind. I also love paper piecing. But rather than use the foundation as in their instructions, I used freezer paper foundations that I can use over and over again. It is a little like regular paper piecing; only, you do most of the trimming before you sew.
This kind of 8 1/2"x11" freezer paper feeds through my printer so that I can make the pattern.
Then, today, hubby had the day off. We are landlords as well and so off we went to do some maintenance. He worked on a toilet, I changed light bulbs, replaced a fire extinguisher, put out the trash, made sure that the sidewalks were clear, and showed our currently vacant studio apt. to an interested party.

This afternoon, we headed to the public library. It is one of our community's greatest assets. I borrowed a few movies and a couple of books that I requested were finally in. So, hubby and I watched "Ripley's Game" with John Malkovich. A little violent, a little eerie.

One of the books that I had requested from our interlibrary loan system was "Plush You" A great book chalk full of ideas. In fact, my 11 year old son was having as much fun as I looking through the book.

After dinner, he begged me to make this furry little monster. Well, I balked at it since I am no master crocheter.
But beg he did, and I succumbed to pressure.
And then, he added a couple of googly eyes and named him Dusty.