Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elvis has left the building...

.... and I am having fun!!!!!!! Elvis was delivered to the local JDRF office this morning. On Saturday night, my oldest daughter, my SIL, and I will be volunteering at the Gala.

Firstly, I told you that I am not a professional photographer, but this morning around 6:30 AM, the most beautiful sight of the full moon in the clear sky was seen. I tried to capture it but this does not do it justice.
Of course, now the sky is gray and snow flurries are falling.

Look what I found at our library yesterday!

This Elvis movie is probably similar to others (I haven't seen any before, or not that I recall). Lot of girls, flirting, singing. Not a heavy plot. Angela Lansbury is the southern belle mother of Elvis in the movie (it says that she was only 36 at the time but she looks older). She is a pretty funny character! Elvis has returned home to Hawaii (where his father runs a pineapple plantation) after two years in the army. He doesn't want to work for his dad so he becomes a tour guide. I watched this while I played with my fabric. But I wouldn't mind being in Hawaii right now. It is pretty darn cold here!

I borrowed this book from our quilt guild's library and I love it! Quilters Playtime by Dianne S. Hire.
There are a lot of opportunities to play with fabric when using this book. So I played. I made some small squares from her Tic-Tac-Toe pattern in the book.
These just may become coasters for the swap I am doing at Ibby Bee Quilts. Looking at my swap partner's blog, it is difficult to tell what she likes but it looks like she likes pink. I am more a brights person myself. I love black/white fabrics so these pinks are a little spiced up!!! Very fun block and very easy to make. Not sure how I might quilt them though. I have to try some more 'games' in her book soon!