Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crafting a temporary solution

Yesterday afternoon, I heard a rubbing noise under my car. I got out to look and discovered that, once again, the plaster undercarriage (not sure if that it is the official name) is hanging down to the ground. Yes, this has happened before. Geez!

So, I called our friend the mechanic, who loves to work on VW's. He told me that he would order some new clips but in the meantime I should find some long twist ties and by cranking the wheels to one side or another temporarily fasten the two sides of the undercarriage through holes in the wheel wells to hold it up.

When I got home, I couldn't find any regulation size extra long twist ties. But I found some string in hubby's workshop. My son and I then discovered that the plastic is cracked, possibly in more than one spot, so I am not sure if I held up each side that it would resolve the problem however temporarily. Darkness was descending so I figured I would look again in the morning. I did call back my friend who decided to order an entire new bottom and clips.

Now that it is morning, I have rifled through my hubby's workshop again and found a long piece of wire. I think that I need to have the wire going across the entire bottom and hold the plastic up in place that way. Who knows if it will hold, or work for that matter, but I am not a mechanic, I am a quilter/crafter/sewer. So I have 'crafted' a temporary solution:
Still plugging away at my Elvis quilt when I am not fixing cars.