Sunday, December 20, 2015


As an individual that was born at the very end
 (I mean extremely close to the very end!!!)
 of the "baby boom"

I have experienced, like many others,
a HUGE learning curve
where technology is concerned!!!

I took a computer science course with a brilliant professor, 
the offspring of a Nobel prize winning father and astrophysicist mother
who stuttered (I only note this speech defect 
because I became a Speech-Language Pathologist
and studied stuttering extensively and and with my current knowledge,
I wish I could have yelled out something else in my head
rather than "get it out already!" when he blocked and repeated sounds/words)
but I digress!!!

I mention the computer science course
because back then
we had the tedious task of punching stacks of computer cards 
and  then stuck them in a card reader at a huge facility on campus
where you might have to wait in line for an hour at 2 AM
 an error on just one, yes one! card made your whole assignment null and void!!

These days, you just google your problem and can find a myriad of solutions!!!

if you don't know a chat acronym or text shorthand
you can check out one of many  online sources.

TMI means too much information!!!

okay, that said....

I am a fan of alternative music 
and so when Sugarbaby announced that she wanted to go see 
a group that I enjoy listening to,
I agreed and quickly purchased tickets for the show 2 or 3 months in advance.

Now, I must admit that I am not the hippest person...

I mean I grew up with a stereo console full of Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass
and show tune albums

groovy, huh?

but my own record collection 
included Elton John, Rolling Stone, Carly Simon, and the Beatles
I have seen a few concerts in my days.

the concerts I have attended all included a seat in a chair
or a spot on a nicely groomed lawn
but these days, 
a ticket into a concert may only include a spot large enough 
for your TWO FEET!!!
and that spot seems to move backwards, forwards,
and sideways throughout the evening
depending on the individuals around you
who are either dancing, swaying,  and/or making out (WTH?)
and jumping up and down with hands pumping high into the 
increasingly warm air above.

If you are lucky,
you might get doused with water (from a water bottle, thank goodness!!!)
hurled at you from a musician or a bouncer!

So last night....
I just allowed myself to be pushed here and there,

wiped myself off from the sweat that slowly crept up on me

and the water that propelled its way to me,

watched all the kids enjoy the concert,

felt the pulsing of the noise in my ears,

occasionally, tapped a falling balloon back into the air,

took the occasional photo of the cool lights OFC,

and laughed ROFLOL!!!

And now that I know, 
what goes on at those "standing room only" concerts


I'll just continue to listen to my favorite tunes on my playlists
where I can stand or sit or even recline
in a space that is all my own.