Friday, September 9, 2011

What do you have for us, Johnny?!!!!

When the going 

creative blow-up!


creative blow-up!


creative blow-up!

the tough get going....


after the rain

I was about to call up Noah and hitch a ride with him,
taking my two sewing machines, two rotary cutters, two rulers,
two projects..hahaha...

Upstate NY was very soggy this week
but alas, the sun came out
just in the nick of time, too! 

My studio was out of control, huh?

creative blow-up!

And where there is sun,
there is bound to be suntanning!!!!

Yes, I painted some fabrics and laid them out

my fabric is suntanning while I wait!

plopped some goodies on top
and left them to bake!

my fabric is sunning while I wait!


sun dyed fabric with leaves

I have

sun dyed fabric

some fun fabrics

sun dyed fabric

to play with

sun dyed fabric

on those rainy days!!!

sun dyed fabric with bobbins

(That is, if I ever find a place to sit in my studio!)

And Bob....
this piece of sun dyed fabric can be YOURS....

sun dyed fabric with leaves

If the Price is Right!!!!

if you leave me a comment 
before Monday, September 12th at 6 PM EST!!!!

In the meantime,

Me on the floor
I'll start digging out!