Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Did you hear that?!!!!

That is the sound of me hitting a wall!!!

Between the muggy weather, the evils of perimenopause 
and a brief proverbial crash into the creative wall....

it has been a little quiet in the studio lately.

Still, somehow, over the past few days,
in between sleeplessness, a stint of moodiness, 
and even
reading through the kids' homeschool books (yes! school is back in session!)

I have managed to carve a new stamp...

new rubber stamp I carved

play with my new calligraphy pen...

trying out calligraphy
(oh how I want to write beautifully!!!)

and dabble 

watercolors pen doodle

my first try at watercolors!

inspired by Lori...

tweet...  my second try at watercolors

Did you hear that?!
Neither did I...

Me on the floor
but it should be the sound of my butt lifting off the floor
so I can create again!!!