Friday, July 29, 2011

The bottom line.....

early in the morning,
but not too early....

I spent about 4 hours (yes, four!!!)
gluing small pieces of fabric together
for my secret challenge #2...

more fabric scraps

which will remain secret until reveal day (August 15th).

more fabric scraps

All of this work is done standing up
since the background to which I glue the fabric is hanging
over my french doors-turned-design wall...

more fabric scraps

So, every so often,  it's nice to be able to dump my derriere
into this wonderful new throne
that Mr. U surprised me with yesterday....

My new throne

He said that it was for my "delicate butt" that often aches
(along with my hips) at the end of the day
when I get into bed...

My new throne!!!
(I've been using a 45+ year old colonial style kitchen chair 
for about 12+ years)

Even Phyllis (our once-again pregnant guinea pig) 
tried it out...

Phyllis, the pregnant guinea pig (yes again!) tries out my new throne
(we all know how pregnancy can be hard on your back
and buttocks!)

Bottom line:
All posteriors need a pleasant place to plant!!!

Me on the floor
Thank you, dear sweet hubby!!!