Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Workbook Wednesday: Backfire, Admire, Inspire.... On Fire!!!

Last week's Workbook Wednesday....

some supplies for chapter 5 exercises

this week's Workbook Wednesday ....

the paints are still in the plastic!

Last week's Workbook Wednesday ....

An abstraction of a photo of a cactus

This week's Workbook Wednesday ....

working on a fun project!

Okay, so I didn't accomplish anything (or not much) this past week!

But over the weekend, Sugarbaby and I went on a road trip to my hometown
and I did some exploring...

All very inspiring...

I saw this on someone's porch

houses in Ottawa

doors in Ottawa, the Glebe

collage of what I saw in the glass blocks

glass balls at TruffleTreasures

glass ball at TruffleTreasures

glass ball at TruffleTreasures

tulips in Ottawa

At home with my sewing utensils! So while it seems that I am lazing around...
my brain is on fire!!!

Just wait!!!!