Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A big fat ....

scored a D!

for me!!!

D for Deliquent...

D for Dallying...

D for deadbeat....

D for D'Oh!

Yup, I have not had much time for working on my Workbook Wednesday projects/exercises. 

Workbook Wednesday

Well, at least not on paper or fabric.

I have a million ideas in my head but the last few days have been really skimpy where sewing room time is concerned!

Luckily, Patty has sent me some photos of her wonderful work from chapter 5!!

Her easy curved piecing...

patty may 3 010freecurves

her quilting lines are exquisite, don't you think?!

patty may 3 011detail

and her strip piecing is just as beautiful!

patty may 3 012 method one

Mathea downloaded her version of the pear to our flickr group...


I love seeing how we all did our pears a little differently!!

And Mathea has some very cool organic designs....


which she played around with.

I especially love her "entwined" version!


So that's it for Workbook Wednesday!

At home with my sewing utensils!If I ever get off the cutting table,
I might get something done!!!!!