Tuesday, April 13, 2010

OOOHHH... It's baaaad....

my crafter's ADD, that is!!!!!

Since I have been back from our vacation to paradise (well, okay, Arizona!),
I have NOT been able to stop sewing!!!!!

It is really baaaaaaaaaddddd.....

The iron has been sizzling....

Crafter's ADD in the sewing room

(....oops! there is barely any place for me to do any cutting of fabric....)

The fabric has been flying.....

Crafter's ADD in the sewing room

(...that is my ironing table under there....)

The sewing machine has been whirring....

Crafter's ADD in the sewing room

(...ummm.... that is my sewing table, just to the right of my machine....)

It seems that I have about a million projects...

painted and stitched cacti

stirring around in my brain....

block #6

and I am just trying to get them all out on fabric!!!!

pear: chapter 3 exercise

I think this is chronic and the end is nowhere in sight!!!!

I can't do laundry, I can't wash dishes, I can't vacuum, I can't cook
(though I seem to be able to stop to eat)!!!

SPF#14, 4/2/10: A green cactus
Don't send help!


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