Sunday, April 18, 2010

My name is Lisa.........

(well, Upstatelisa to you!)

....and I am a fabriholic!!!!

I took this photo on Friday for my weekly self portrait on our flickr group
cuddling with some of my polka dots...

SPF #16, 4/16/10; hangin' with my polka dots

Well, after the high of a wonderful vacation which spurred a week of creativity,
I started feeling the post-vacation blues setting in.

And I decided that my sewing room was cramping my style, so to speak,

It was time for the dirty deed!!!

Spring cleaning!!!!!!!

Between chauffeuring Nature Boy to and from his Tae Kwon Do test,
taking Teenager to and from work a couple times,
and having a couple of extra kids around this weekend,

it gradually got done!!!

This was midday today....

the dirty deed... cleaning my sewing room...

(pretty nasty, huh?)

but the  mission was accomplished...

clean sewing room floor!

And yes....

 my name is Lisa

and I AM a fabriholic!!!!

My name is Lisa and I am a fabriholic!

so now, I can get back to the business of playing with fabric...

a clean sewing room!

instead of organizing it!!!!

I did manage to work on my dotty dresden plates....

with centers!

and to change it up a bit,
I worked on my scrappy log cabins....

7 scrappy log cabins I made today

which brings the total up to 112!!

I now have 112..

(still planning to make more... enough for a king size quilt!)

SPF #11, 3/12/10: Sitting in my 'haven' got any fabric?