Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wallowing through Workbook Wednesday....

wal·low   /ˈwɒloʊ/ Show Spelled[wol-oh] Show IPA
–verb (used without object)

to flounder about; move along or proceed clumsily or with difficulty: A gunboat wallowed toward port.

Ever feel like you are wallowing?!

I have been plodding along with the exercises in the workbook.
How about you?!

Workbook Wednesday

I must admit some are easier than others
and this week's activities posed some challenges.

Continuing with the theme of shadows in chapter 3,
I attempted to copy (a term I use loosely here)
 from a photo and 'try' to capture the shadows...

attempts to create shadows

and these are just a bunch of wee sketches from my brain
or copied from another source....


This past week, I also tried some of the fabric exercises from chapter 4
including exercise #1, using three organic shapes.

I fiddled with their placement...

working on this week's exercises

and settled on this arrangement....

three organic shapes

(notice the cactus-resembling shape!)

and had some fun with the quilting...

close up of quilting

For exercise #2, the collage, I tried to create my own fabric
using the limited number of 'mixed media' tools I have.

I started with a Versamark Watermark stamp pad ...

versamark ink

and some recently acquired cacti stamps...

cactus stamp

and some embossing enamel (from the bowels of my 'other crafts' stash)...

embossing powder

I stamped some cacti on my hand dyed fabric
and sprinkled it with the embossing powder...

embossing powder on stamped fabric

shook off the excess powder back into the container....

heating embossed stamp on fabric

and used my heating tool to try to emboss the stamped cacti...

heating embossed stamp on fabric

It isn't really embossed like it would be on paper
but I like the effect....

stamped fabric

I am thinking now that cacti on fabric might be an exercise to try with this book...

New book!

Stay tuned!

I printed a cactus flower  on a piece of fabric made especially for the printer
(which I purchased some time ago at Joann's and I know that it is not top quality fabric,
hence not a top quality photo)...

collage close up

and this is my attempt at a collage...


I don't love it but it was fun to try.

I hope that you are moving along in the workbook too
and would love to see what you have done.
Shoot me an email with photos!

 wallow can also mean
to live self-indulgently; luxuriate; revel: to wallow in luxury; to wallow in sentimentality

So....I borrowed these wonderful books from the library
as inspiration for another project...

from the library

I am part of a flickr group of 10 quilters and each month,
we make a row (60" wide) for one of the quilters
using their theme/colors/ideas.

This month is mine
and I chose a Gee's Bend inspired row.

Laura whipped her row right up and sent it to me!

from LauraJ

I just love it!
I have been pondering my solid fabric piles
 and auditioning color combinations.

Not sure yet....

Will it be....

Door #1.....

possible fabric candidates

Door #2...

possible fabric candidates

or door #3...

possible fabric candidates

Where is Monty Hall when you need him?!!!!

SPF #16, 4/16/10; hangin' with my polka dots Upstatelisa... who will, one way or another, wallow through Wednesday....

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