Thursday, April 15, 2010


Our postal carrier is not a quilter!!!!!!

Lucky for me!!!!!

A package of fabric from Fabric Shack arrived today (more or less!)  but fortunately... all the fabric was still there!


When I opened the remains of the envelope, this was all the cardboard left!!!

this was all the cardboard left of the envelope!

Do you think the Post Office tried to run it through the same machine that they feed the envelopes?

My acquisitions included some more black and whites ...

black/white, of course!

(you can never have too many of them!)

and some

solids with a dot peeking out on the bottom

for this month's row for our 'row 10' group (this month is mine!)... I chose Gee's Bend inspired piecing.

In the meantime, I am enjoying putting together my dresden plates....

dresden plate blocks so far...

and no.... you are not seeing spots!!!!!

I now have plenty of hand work to keep me busy
(for those times when I take the kids places or watch tv with Mr. U).

SPF 15/52, 4/9/10: Enjoying Have a great night!!! (and keep an eye on your postal carrier!)