Friday, May 22, 2009

Not enough hours in the day...

Some days, I wish there were a whole lot more time each day (well, I suppose if I didn't go to bed so early but got up early, I might have more time, but I would be miserable!)

Nature Boy and I did some lawn maintenance and planting at our apartment building and this rhododendron I planted last spring is beginning to bloom...
A rhododendron in all stages of bloom

And here in our backyard, we have the purple variety...
Purple rhododendron in our backyard

We also spent a great deal of time planting our very first vegetable and fruit garden with a corner dedicated to flowers that the butterflies love....
our veggie garden planted today!

It took a lot of planning, preparing, digging, fencing...
our veggie garden planted today!
but we can hardly wait to reap its benefits!

And just in case I didn't have enough on my plate, I took the plunge and signed up for a 21 day art journaling class online!
day 1

Today was Day 1!!!!!

But yes, occasionally, I grab a few minutes here and there in my sewing room...
something I am working on

and with the long weekend upon us, I hope to get much more done!

Have a great weekend!!!!