Thursday, January 15, 2009

Connecting the Dots

Between loads of laundry, making lunches for school and dinner for everyone, answering landlording calls, going to the gym, picking up and dropping off kids, sitting in the ice rink, and breathing, I have been feverishly working to get this quilt put together (deadline is late next week!!!!)

With this array of blocks which has been endlessly re-arranged,

I have begun to connect the blocks together with assorted fillers...

and this is taking some time!!!!
I probably mentioned that this quilt will auctioned off at a gala for our local chapter of JDRF on January 24th to raise funds for research into a cure for diabetes. My youngest, Sugarbaby (aka Sloppy) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Thanksgiving Day, 2005.

This will be my third auction quilt and the fifth that I have made to benefit diabetes research.

My first was raffled off on the day of a Walk to Cure Diabetes, September 2006...
this was my first auction quilt which raised a whopping $3600!!!!!
This was my second auction quilt which raised $1700!
and this quilt was raffled off this past September at the Walk to Cure Diabetes.
the Neighborhood
So, what? right?

Well, this past summer, I came across a newsletter in which Vicki Howell was calling for entrants to share their stories about how they have used their crafts to help others (at least that is what I recall now).

So on a whim, at the early hour of 5:44 AM on July 16th, I submitted my 250 words (or less) telling how my paternal grandmother had sparked a love of sewing in me and how it had led to my addiction to quilting and subsequently, raising money to benefit diabetes research. End of story......

Or that is what I thought. I never heard anything again. Well.....

Until today!!!!

While downloading some progress photos of the Aloha quilt, I checked my email and found an email with the subject, "Welcome to Craft Corps." WTH? I don't remember signing up for anything yesterday. But I figured I had better check it out and this is what it said......

Hey there, fellow crafters! Thank you so much for submitting such a great profiles for consideration for my upcoming project, Craft Corps. The editors and I were overwhelmed by the response, and truly inspired by everyone's stories!
I'm thrilled to inform you that if you're receiving this e-mail, then your profile is included in the final batch of 75! We're hoping to be able to include a minimum of 60 profiles in the Craft Corps book, the outcome of which won't be determined until the editing process of the finished manuscript is complete. If we end up not being able to use your profile in the actual book, we still definitely want to include it an extended part of the project that we're really excited about. More on that later, though.


You never know when your dots are going to be connected, do you??????