Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reviewing my list... checking it twice...

and it isn't done yet!!!!
But I'm gradually getting there!!!!

I have been working on my doll quilt for the swap and the top is done...
so is the back....
and it is sandwiched!!!
I have been consulting with my friends on flickr on how best to quilt it.

And while I was so busy working on a plan for my doll quilt, I forgot that I might be receiving a doll quilt too!!!

And it arrived today....
Complete with dots (!), lots of bright colors (!) and circular quilting!!! I love it!
Thanks Courtney!!!!

My wall of mini quilts is filling up quickly!!!!
Next on my list.....

On another note.... I really like to see who visits my blog. I use sitemeter and I receive an email daily reporting on how many people have visited, how long they stayed, where they came from and a whole lot more! I especially like to see the places that people are visiting from.... far and wide! Lots of places I have never been (or heard of).. and lots of places I have!

So..... just a hello to my reader from Kitchener ON (I lived there for 2 1/2 years after grad school... worked at The Rotary Centre).... Hi to New Kensington PA (we lived across the Allegheny in Oakmont from 96-99!)..... Welcome to my reader from Krasnodar in the Russian Federation (so far away!) Don't forget to introduce yourselves!!!

Have a good night (or day for some of you!)